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Design Challenge:

How might we cultivate our kids to treasure and handle public assets with care?


A simple stool that encourages parents to assist their children in learning independence and treasuring public assets, nurturing parent-child dynamics .

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We Inspire Curiosity in an Ever-changing World, and Courage to Challenge the Status Quo,

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By Leveraging Google Design Sprint

1. Understand

user needs, business needs, and technological capacities

2. Define

key strategy

and focus

3. Diverge

to explore as many ideas

as possible

4. Decide

and select the best ideas generated

5. Prototype

to create a simple version that allows testing with users

6. Validate

and test the ideas and prototype with key users

To Create Impact

  • Cultivate a mindset that views problems as opportunities
  • Inspire courage to take action
  • Develop future-ready skills for better job opportunities

So that individuals are

valued, equipped, and empowered

to make a change in their community.

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Don't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up but what problems they want to solve. This changes the conversation from who do I want to work for, to what do I need to learn to be able to that.

– Jaime Casap,

Google Global Education Evangelist

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